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Vortrag bei der Ringvorlesung "Jenseits der Geschlechtergrenzen" im Rahmen der Gender Studies an der Universität Hamburg (Januar 2011):

Skript meines Vortrags "Fanfiction im Internet - Wo Homosexualität der Mainstream ist"; Umfrage / Scientific survey about Slash Fanfiction


Deutsche Version der Story "Glimpse" von Thistlerose (HP Femslash)


Fanfiction Recs: My Top 3 for lots of fandoms


Astolat (= Shalott): "Moving On"
Molly (= Merry): "The middle of Nowhere" + sequel "The Road Home"
Supacat: "Wabbit Hunting"

Star Trek

Julia Houston: “From me to Q” (Next Generation)
J.A.Chapman: “Once upon a time” (Deep Space Nine)
Separis: “Reboot-Series" (Star Trek 11)


Sylvia: "The Gift of an Enemy"
Josan: "Halloween Spirit"
Viridian 5: "Bystander"-Fics  Nr 1 + Nr 2

Harry Potter: Draco

Urania Scholastica: "The Pizzaria"
Dayspring: "Saving Draco Malfoy"
Saras_girl: "Reparations"

Harry Potter: Snape

Icarus: "Cursed Artefacts for Sale"
Calligraphy: "The fourth year"
Cybele: "Something to write on" + sequel "Quill and Ink"

Gundam Wing

Maldoror: "Two Halves" + "Beautiful Symmetries"
Fancy Figures: "Bad Hair Day"
Girl_Starfish: "Beautiful"

Stargate Atlantis

Astolat (= Shalott): "Transcendental" + "Time in a Bottle"
Speranza: "Last Will and Testament" + "Sheppard's Law"
Devildoll: "Junk Cheap"

House, m.d.

Sam_Storyteller: "Synchronicity"
Eos: "Lost Causes"-Series
Rageprufrock: "The Fine and Subtle Art of Cardiology"

BDSM (consensual)

Xanthe: "General and Dr. Sheppard" (SGA)
Kunterbunt: "Off the Wagon-Series" (Iron Man)
Akuma: "Enslaving Heero" (GW)


PlotDotOh: “Valhalla Blues”
Astolat: “Chaos War”
Startrekfanwriter: "Blue"

Avengers      (NEW!)

Copperbadge: "Exclusive" + "Ain't Nobodys Business If I Do"
Melannen: “Safeword”
Cluegirl: "Scatterlings and Orphans"

Narnia      (NEW!)

Rthstewart: “By Royal Decree”
Elecktrum: “Black Dwarfs, Blue River" + "Neville the Chamberlain”
Troije: "Inches and Miles"

White Collar      (NEW!)

Vain_glorious: “Our Dance Gave Allegiance”
Copperbadge: “Never Leave a Trace”
Lightgetsin: "Always starts the same"

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Highlander (mostly Methos stories)

Teresa Coffman: "Darling Boy"
Sylvia Volk: "Lost Horizon" + "Pen and Sword"
Wuemsel: "Christmas Carol"
MacGeorge: "Social Graces"
Elle-Nora: "A Pirate's Life for Me!"
Chris: "Ignifer Series"
Jeanne Rose: "Black Sand"
Cassidy: "To learn from a cat"
Lanning Cook: "Do not Disturb"
Miz Nettie: "Two Mules for Methos"
Viccy: "The Matchmaker"
Sleeps with Coyotes: "Still Heart"
Julad: "The Freshest and the Best"
Hmpf MacSlow: "Names"
LithiumDoll: "All fall down"
Maygra + MacGeorge: "Highest Bidder"
Maple: "All the Little Pieces"
Hafital: "Sastrugi"
Mackiedockie: "Desperados Waiting for a Train"
Ishafel: "Preemtive Strike"
Adabsolutely + Mackiedockie: "The Tale of the Scorpion"
Genteelrebel: "House of the Novelty T-Shirts"
Merriman: "A Place to Stand"
sprl1199: "Hot Space"
Starcrossedgirl: "Exposure"
Sholio: "Lemmings"
Amand_r: "Attention, Shoppers"
Wilusa: "Never say Die"   NEW!
ChristinaK: "Fly Away Home"   NEW!
Merriman: "The Opposite of People"   NEW!

Highlander Crossover

Tasha: "Cat’s Eyes"  (HL / SG1)
Amireal: "What’s Past is Prologue"  (HL / SG1)
Marbleglove: "A Square Peg in a Round Hole"  (HL / SG1)
Arsenic: "Every Rose has a thorn"  (HL / X-Files)
Wombat: "Rapture"  (HL / X-Files)
Jill: "ROG on Vacation"   (HL / LOTR)
JaC: "The Doubtful Guest"   (HL / Sentinel)
Maygra: "A Gathering of Angels"   (HL / Touched by an Angel)
HonorH: "Dark Hearts-Series"   (HL / Xena)
Maya: "Relics"   (HL / Relic Hunter)
TAZ "The Curious Incident of the Doc in the Night-time" + "Physician, Heel!"  (HL / House, M.D.)
TAZ: "The Nourice Fee"   (HL / Tanya Huff: Blood Series)
Hafital: "The Manuscript"   (HL / Dresden Files)
Ankaret: "Two Glasses of Red Wine"   (HL / Holby City)
Merriman: "Five Rules for Being an Anachronism in Japan"   (HL / Ghost in the Shell)
Adabsolutely: “Case of the Burglarious Bibliophile” + "Eyes Have It"   (HL / Sherlock)   NEW!

Crossover: Various fandoms

Lamardeuse: "A Taste of Liberty"   (HP / Queer as Folk)
Astolat (= Shalott): "Old Country" (HP / Supernatural) + "Looking Glass" (Smallville / DC Comics)
Gyrfalcon: "Strange Encounter"  (X-Files / Good Omens)
Akilah: "The Sequel of Obligation"   (X-Files / Sentinel)
Milkshake Butterfly: "Nativity"   (Brimstone / Dogma)
Te: "High Corn Drifter"   (BTVS / Smallville)
MarcusRowland: "The Right Technology"   (BTVS / Wallace & Gromit)
Glitterati (= Prufrog): "Summer House"   (Atlantis / Eureka)
Lavvyan: "Antarctic Drift"   (Atlantis / March of the Penguins)
Icarus: "Collisions"   (Atlantis / Supernatural)
Vathara: "Upon a Fiery Steed"  (SG1 / Gundam Wing) + "Spin Cycle"  (SG1 / Rurouni Kenshin)
Tallulah_Rasa: "The Usual, With a Twist"  (SG1 / Atlantis / West Wing)   NEW!
Marinarusalka: "Sword and Serpent - Series"   (Hercules / Xena)
DemonQueen666: "Ne'er Say We Die"   (Thor / Pirates of the Caribbean)   NEW!

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My favorite Animation Films on Youtube

"A Gentlemen's Duel"
"I lived on the Moon"
"The Silence beneath the Bark"
"Silly Beast"
"The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Lessmore"
"Pigeon: Impossible"